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Social Dining – Strutto – 11/7

Get comfortable side by side at Broens Gadekøkken, cheer with the person sitting next to you, who you may not know and taste food from our street kitchens. We want to strengthen and develop the community in Christianshavn. A good meals is not just about becoming full. It’s also a social gathering and gives us something to talk about and gather around. Each date our food stalls will be responsible for a dish and take care of your dinner on a regular weekday, so you won’t need to do any grocery shopping, cooking or doing the dishes. It’s all very casual and a great way to go out for a dinner at a great price.


Crescia with parma or vegetarian. Served with Italian olives + 1 glass of the house red or white wine


Have you tried the Italian crescia? The bread originates from the region Marche and is baked with parmesan cheese and pork lard giving it those many delicious layers with a golden crispy crust while still moist and soft on the inside. Once baked, it is folded around typical Italian filling such as cheese, rocket salad or various different types of salume and cold cuts. With years of experience at the top restaurant Relæ, Luca Donninelli wanted to open his own business. Being from Marche himself, it was obvious that crescia should be on the menu. You will want to eat one everyday and won’t remember how you lived life without knowing about them.


Your includes food, drinks and a seat side by side with friends, family or new faces. Pick up your food at the food stall from 17.16 – 18.00 and find a seat at the reserved tables by the kitchen. The food must be picked up before 18.00, but can be enjoyed as long as you want. Drinks must be picked up by our Beer bar.