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District Tonkin

At District Tonkin, you will experience a little bit of Vietnam – right here at the end of the Inner Harbor Bridge. The fiery souls behind are Nickie Mydung and Zeqir Haziri. Their goal is to give you a unique, delicious, and unforgettable experience. And they do so, by taking the authentic tastes and traditions of Vietnam and making them into their very own. The secret ingredient – at least one of them – is the marinade. Before grilling the meat, they marinate it for 24 hours and massage it so well into the meat that it gets this incredibly caramelized crust. The ingredients are always fresh and taste like lots of herbs like coriander and chili. The inspiration comes from traveling around the world. One of these travels led to the District Tonkin in the North of Vietnam, which inspired their name of their kitchen.

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